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Clean Hugo Blog Theme


  • Responsive
  • Honors dark and light color preference
    • Syntax highlighting for dark and light colors
  • Left and bottom navigation
  • Layout for an archive page



  • Dark mode

  • Light mode

  • Mobile


  • Clone repository:
    • git clone
  • To see the example site run command from exampleSite directory:
    • hugo server -t ../../ -D
  • For detailed theme installation see:


To inject custom HEAD elements create a "head-custom.html" in '<YOUR_SITE>/layouts/partials'.

For changing colors see the overridden link visited example for the dark theme in 'exampleSite/layouts/partials/head-custom.html'.

Additional params:

    # If set to 'true' a summary will be shown on list overview, otherwise the complete post is shown.
    useSummary = true | false
    # Shows a right sidebar with all categories.
    sidebar = true | false


Code License: Released under the MIT license.

Third party