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// Copyright 2018 Lars Hoogestraat
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package session
package session
import (
// Session contains the session
type Session struct {
sid string
lastTouched time.Time
values map[string]interface{}
mutex sync.RWMutex
// GetLastTouchTime receives the date when the session was touched last time
func (s *Session) GetLastTouchTime() time.Time {
return s.lastTouched
// SessionID gets the sessionID
func (s *Session) SessionID() string {
return s.sid
// SetValue sets a value into the session
func (s *Session) SetValue(key string, value interface{}) {
defer s.mutex.Unlock()
s.values[key] = value
// GetValue receives a value from the session
func (s *Session) GetValue(key string) interface{} {
defer s.mutex.RUnlock()
return s.values[key]
// RemoveKey removes a key from the session
func (s *Session) RemoveKey(key string) {
defer s.mutex.Unlock()
delete(s.values, key)